MIT Tango Club Presents
Beginning Tango Bootcamp

September 7-8, 2013 in Cambridge, MA
Location: W20-491(9/7), W20-Lobdell(9/8)

Ok, so maybe we cannot teach you EVERYTHING there is to learn about Argentine tango in two days, but for starters we will certainly teach you the basics, and definitely have fun! Come learn tango in a comfortable, relaxed, and open environment! Experience two days of fun, dancing, and snacks. No dance partner or experience needed: just a willingness to try new things. Space is limited. The bootcamps have been wildly popular in the past so be sure to sign up now.
  Sunday, September 8th
Location: W20-Lobdell
1:00-2:30pm Beginning Workshop I
Beginning Workshop III
2:30-3:00pm Break
(snacks and drinks provided)
(snacks and drinks provided)
3:00-4:30pm Beginning Workshop II Beginning Workshop IV
4:30-5:00pm Practice
(snacks and drinks provided)
(snacks and drinks provided)

About Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a partnered social dance. Connection with your partner and movement together to the music is emphasized over flashy moves. The partners dance for each other and not for anyone else: there are no judges watching. Generally, one person in the couple leads (this person is called “the leader”), while the other one (the “follower”) follows. For some more basic information on Argentine Tango, we recommend the wikipedia entry on Argentine Tango. \We also like Clay Nelson's piece on tango competitions.. Argentine Tango, as promoted by the MIT Argentine Tango club, is mainly a social dance, with emphasis on leading and following, improvisation, and musicality. To us, a comfortable embrace with your partner and a nice feeling is more important than complicated steps (especially if they do not feel good!).

About the Instructors


Rebecca began studying Argentine Tango in 1999, while pursuing her BFA in Eugene, OR. Quickly realizing Tango was the Art medium she had been searching for, she adopted a nomadic Tango lifestyle and then began instructing at the local Tango Center. From 2001 Rebecca has lived and taught within numerous sprouting tango communities in Oregon as well as in St Louis, MO and Juneau, AK. Some of the institutions at which she has taught include MIT, Yale, University of Oregon, University of Michigan, PSU, SOU, Catlin Gable and Linfield College. She has shared tango abroad in Great Britain, Canada, and in India, where she taught in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi. Rebecca has been fortunate to teach along side the best of North America's professional dancers at numerous festivals and also spend ample time studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rebecca has always believed in the transformative capacity the structure of Tango presents and is fueled by the metamorphosis of her students. She displays her own artistry through her carriage, creativity, and fiery grace. She offers her students accessible compassionate guidance combined with a deep understanding of both following and leading, movement, music, and technique.

Eric's passion and ambition for Argentine Tango have been apparent from the moment he started dancing. Within weeks of his first class, he had moved to Buenos Aires. Over the following few years he made frequent trips to Argentina becoming increasingly certain of his desire to teach the dance professionally. In 2007 he began teaching full time at the well known Dance Manhattan in New York. Since then he has worked extensively throughout the United States. Having lived and taught in many of the largest tango communities in North American (including New York, San Francisco, and Portland, OR), Eric decided to spend a full year touring with his partner, Rebecca Rorick Smith. Their teaching has taken them to locations as distinct as Juneau, AK, Ashville, NC, and Devon, England, with many stops in between. Eric's teaching focuses on strong use of metaphor and imagery with an emphasis on holistic learning. He believes that by transforming the way we see and relate to our partner, the music, and our movements as a whole, we can progress with the greatest ease and efficiency.

Cost and Registration

Until September 4th

MIT Students/grad students and partners: $30 per person for the entire weekend

MIT post-docs and partners: $40 per person for the entire weekend

MIT Staff: $40

General public: $50

At the Door

At this point we are not planning to have "at the door" prices as we expect the workshop to be be full.

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Important Info


MIT Student Center is located at 84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge Map Here

Note on Partners
- When the registration is open to MIT students only, their partners are welcome to register. Please use your partner's computer to register as we require MIT certificates to verify your student status.
- We will be rotating partners often, though you will get to practice with whoever you want, and you will spend a bit more time in class with your partner than with strangers. We think partner rotation this is a good idea to help you improve your dance; however, having said that if you are uncomfortable changing partners we will understand if you want to skip partner changes. However, we really prefer that you DO change partners, since we are all trying to work together to get better.

Replies to Frequently Asked Questions

- No partner necessary is necessary.
- Wear comfortable clothing.
- Footwear: wear shoes with leather or suede soles (or skip the shoes and wear fuzzy socks) so you can pivot. Make sure the shoes stay on your feet easily (no mules or slingbacks) so that you can walk backwards.
- See the MIT Tango Club's page to learn more about what we do.

Why Do We Sometimes Restrict Registration to MIT Students/Affiliates

We are a volunteer student club, and we are supported only as such. Our primary constituency are MIT students. Without student support we cannot exist. Therefore we need to support student dancers first and foremost.